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We repair Home appliances

Multi Brand Repair Service Center ( Unauthorized)

Here, We repair all types of  Washing Machine, refrigerators, Air conditioner, Microwave Oven and tv. Likewise, we provide 100% Customer Satisfaction and Our Service Center is a Fully Private Home Appliances Service Center.

we are here to provide the best service to our customers for all home appliances.Our experienced engineers gives best and exact service what your washing machine need to be repaired.our service engineers wiil reach your door within 2 hours of your booking appointment.


we feel great to give all types Whirlpool services in mumbai since 9 years with sophisticated team of engineers.our service develops the customers trust about our service center.Our engineers will service your refrigerator with genuine spare parts and with 100% satisfacton.

Air conditioner

we feel great to give all types Whirlpool services in mumbai since 9 years with sophisticated team of engineers.our service develops the customers trust about our service center.Our engineers will service your refrigerator with genuine spare parts and with 100% satisfacton.

Microwave oven

we give best service with determined technicians for all types of microwave oven in mumbai.we have 9 years of experience in this service and our customers satisfaction develops our service center in this area.we repair your microwave oven with 100% genuine spare parts and cost effective service.

The Best Experience

"It was better experience to me to have service my AC with this service center,they give me cost effective service"
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A washing machine not only save our time but also saves us from the physical effort of hand-washing. whirlpool service center Mumbai.  Moreover, with technological advancements in the washing machines, washing clothes have become more convenient. With more and more features being introduced every day, the whole laundry process has become easier and convenient. If your washer is not working just dial a call to us, we provide home service. It uses the evaporation of a liquid to absorb heat. You probably know that when you put water on your skin it makes you feel cool, as the water evaporates it absorbs heat and creating that cool feeling. Refrigerator is helpful for putting away the vegetables, leafy foods things we can store in the cooler. Cooler is the three sorts they are single entryway, twofold entryway and one next to the other entryway. Individuals are scrutinize the mindful as concerning gather the cooler, In refrigerator we have assemble features like door locks and alarms,   sliding shelves, built in speakers, speed chilling and water dispenser. whirlpool service center Mumbai Microwave oven is used by many people it is a good option for cooking tastier food as well as cooking quickly.  We can cook all types of foods in the microwave ovens like solo, grill and convection microwave ovens. At Our AC Service Center, our ultimate aim is to ensure our customers ongoing comfort and convenience while maximizing their ability to AC service on business as usual whether at home or in the workplace. We also offer the confidence and peace of mind that come from knowing that our crews are ac service fully selected, extensively trained, and fully equipped to bring this impressive lineup of services to you each time you need us. TV is a conveying of images, which helps us to enjoy the shows and movies. whirlpool service center Mumbai  In any holidays are there children they enjoy the days and see cartoons in the TV.

Washing machine:

 Washing machines have grown a critical piece of our home contraption and choosing the exact one for yourself can be a responsibility.  Washing machines have various highlights, cutoff points and limits. These washers have extraordinary features like a fast wash, wash programs, careful child lock, modernized show. Pieces of clothing washers are a critical home gadget for included families. In any case, regarding purchasing an article of clothing washer, you need to ensure you’ve finished your work. Whirlpool Service Center in Mumbai. With such endless models accessible, recognizing what to search for when purchasing a piece of clothing washer can be tricky – how should you even start to look at it? Our garments washer purchasing partner will help you settle on a good choice, with the target that you comprehend you’re getting the correct sort of garments washer to suit your necessities and money related plan. 

Washing machine types: 

Front-load: When using a front-stacking garments washer, your attire goes into the drum at the front of the machine, instead of through the top. These sorts are getting uncommonly notable, allowing a grouping of wash nuances and incredible cleaning capacities. 

Top load: Top load clothes washers are more standard sorts and are a respectable option for the people who have an alternate utility room in their home. Since you load these at the top – and therefore we don’t need to affect over to pick the drum – they’re a prevalent alternative for anyone with stream issues. 

Semi-automatic: Semi-automatic clothes washers require more manual work. These sorts generally fuse two separate tubs; one for washing, and character for drying. 


The most notable sort of refrigerator, this model is for one individual or a gathering of two. These refrigerators have just a solitary entryway and subsequently the fridges. they’re more unobtrusive in quantification and have a mean constraint of some place in the scope of 165 and 280 liters. Given the infinitesimal size, single-entrance coolers have limited racks. To the extent of cooling advancement, most single-entryway ice chests go with a manual defrosting cooler where you need to press a catch genuinely to defrost the ice. 

Refrigerator Types: 

Single door 

Double door

Side by the side door

Microwave oven: 

Microwave ovens are about solace. Whirlpool Service Center in Mumbai. Whether or not you need to warm additional items, get tea or coffee, cook another supper or basically secure popcorn for a critical distance, no other mechanical get together performs as essential as a microwave. Microwaves license you to prepare food quickly and favorably at home; they’re more versatile than you would conceivably think. Warming and defrosting, anyway you’ll similarly find variations that barbecue , cook, and get ready sort of a standard oven. Clearly, picking the real microwave depends upon your necessities.  to help you with choosing which microwave to look for, first recognise how you’ll use it constantly, where it’ll sit; take a drake at by type, size, and  to look out the most direct microwave for you. 

Microwave oven types: 




Air conditioners:

Split ACs, considering the way that the name may propose, have two units. The indoor unit is set inside the house and accordingly the other is put outside. Since the blower is put inside the external unit, split ACs wind up being more quiet than window-type ACs. The split method executes it is difficult to put in the AC, as you should infiltrate holes in your divider to run associates and containers that interface the 2 units. they will be presented during a severe room, a benefit that the window ACs don’t give. They need a smooth arrangement and are available in awesome plans that are expected to blend in with the remainder of your room. they’re fairly more exorbitant than window ACs in any case. 

Air conditioner types: 

Split ac 

Duct ac 

Cassette ac 

Window ac 

Our service: 

In our service, we offer help for all items like washing machine , refrigerator, microwave oven and air conditioner . Thus, if you have any issue with your thing contact us. We will send our experts to your home and they will change the correct issue in your situation. Whirlpool Service Center in Mumbai. In our service , we give ninety days guarantee on spare parts and thirty days guarantee on general service. We have the best specialists in our field who can change a wide scope of difficulties.   We take moderate charges RS/ – 350, if any significant or minor concern is there for that we exert separate charges.

Whirlpool Service Center in Mumbai. Here, Whirlpool is one of the most trusted brands in India.  The whirlpool is providing the best qualitative home appliances to the customers. They are providing home appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, air conditioners, and TV.  These home appliances become part of our daily life. These products have different types and features. These products are available at different price variables. The variety of products have a separate job like


We use refrigerators for storing food items to keep fresh for a long time. The refrigerators are the best product in every home it will protect the food items and provides freshness to the food items inside. whirlpool service center Mumbai  The refrigerators are available inexpensive range, low expenses, and mid-range prices. The refrigerators are mainly three types they are

Single door refrigerator:

The single door refrigerators are the cheapest model in all refrigerators. The single door refrigerator contains only one door to the refrigerator. In the same door, they provided the freezer. This single door refrigerator doesn’t have many features like other refrigerators.  It doesn’t contain any automatic features.

Double door refrigerator:

The double door refrigerators have good value at the market. Many people are using double-door refrigerators only. It provides many advanced features to the users.  This refrigerator separates the freezer and refrigerators. These double door refrigerators consume very less electricity. It is more expensive compared to single door refrigerator.

Side by side door refrigerator:

These side by side door refrigerators are the most advanced refrigerators. It is very big in size which is not suitable for small houses. It has many automatic features it is a very expensive product comparing to all other refrigerators. It has a converter option for the freezer. The user can convert the freezer into the normal refrigerator. When there is no storage left in the refrigerator.

The washing machines:

The washing machines are one of the best products which are used for washing clothes. The washing machine provides the best washing experience to the people.  The washing machine usages are increasing day by day. The washing machines have the best ways of cleaning clothes. whirlpool service center Mumbai   However, the washing machines provide the best satisfaction than washing the clothes with hands.  The washing machines are mainly coming into three types they are.

Top load washing machines:

The top load washing machines are can be known as entry-level of the washing machines. These top load washing machines can wash a few levels of weight only. Because the motor of the top load washing machine is containing less capacity. It doesn’t have any pause and start option if forget to wash any clothes he should wait for another round. These washing machines are low in cost. It has a separate option with a separate drum which is a washer and draining. Whirlpool Service Center in Mumbai is best service

Front-load washing machine:

Front-load washing machines are the best product comparing to other washing machines. Because these are budgeted washing machines with many advanced features. The front-load washing machines are providing the best washing experience to the users. These front load washing machines spin the drum 33% faster than top load washing machines. Whirlpool Service Center in Mumbai

Semi-automatic washing machines:

These semi-automatic washing machines are an expensive product comparing with front load washing machines. These washing machines contain many automatic functions. But it also requires human interventions. It takes very less water to wash clothes and less electricity also. These semi-automatic washing machines are very easy to use.

Fully automatic washing machines:

The fully automatic washing machines do everything automatically. It is the most advanced washing machine with complete automatic features. It provides the best washing to the clothes comparing to all other washing machines. These washing machines also consumes very little capacity. These fully automatic washing machines are equipped with direct drive technology which the motor directly equipped to the drum without any help of belts.

Microwave oven:

The microwave mostly uses for reheating or defrosting food items. These microwave ovens are mainly used in hotels and bakeries to make delicious food items. The microwave ovens are generally three types they

Solo microwave oven:

The solo microwave ovens are the normal microwave oven which is generally used for only reheating the food items. These solo microwave ovens are the starting level of the microwave ovens which is coming at less price. It contains the functions of reheating and defrosting etc.

Grill microwave oven:

The grill microwave ovens are the upgraded version of the microwave oven. It is also a normal microwave oven with defrosting reheating, along with grilling. They have provided the grilling accessories along with the grill microwave ovens which can grill the meat and vegetables.

Conventional microwave oven:

These conventional microwave ovens are the most advanced product in microwave ovens. It has many advanced cooking features and these conventional microwave ovens can cook all kinds of food items. It has all the features of solo and grill microwave oven features. It has an automatic cooking option called the auto menu with this technology we just want to select the weight of the food item and it starts the cooking.

Air conditioners:

The air conditioners are the best home appliance which provides cool air in the room. These air conditioners are expensive products that require good maintenance. The usage of air conditioners is an increase in summer seasons. whirlpool service center Mumbai   The air conditioners are not only providing the cool air but it also provides the hot air in new generations air conditioners. The air conditioners are mainly three types they are

Split air conditioners:

These split air conditioners are very easy to fix. These air conditioners are mainly used in homes. The split air conditioners are very slim and stylish while providing the best cooling in the room. We can also control these air conditioners with mobiles using smart technology.

Duct air conditioners:                                                           

The duct air conditioners are easy to use. These are coming with a seamless design that occupies less space in the room. Because these duct air conditioners are fixed to the ceilings of the room. These air conditioners are making very little noise. Is low in cost comparing to split air conditioners. The duct air conditioners provide fast cooling inside the room.

Cassette air conditioners:

The cassette air conditioners can be also known as central air conditioners. This fixed to the center of the room to the ceiling this gives four sides cooling. These cassette air conditioners are mainly used in shopping malls.

TV Service Center: 

TV’s are one of the most important in every home. It provides entertainment to the users. TV’s are the main source of entertainment. Mainly in this lockdown period, TVs are playing a crucial role by providing entertainment to the people and to making them stay at home. The TVs are of two types they are LED and LCD.  whirlpool service center in Mumbai. The TV’s are coming inexpensive range and budgeted range. They are providing the full HD resolution like 1080p to the budgeted TV’s. And providing the 4k resolution to expensive TVs like smart TV’s. These smart TV’s are the best TV’s which providing the facility like to access YouTube and OTT’s.

About service:

We provide the best services to the customers by providing the warranties to the services. 3 months product warranty and 1-month general service warranty. Our technicians are most experienced with more than 10 years. We provide the door to door services also with affordable charges. We only undertake out of warranty products only. We provide all original spare parts to the product if it requires only. We also provide the service of 24/7 to the customers. Our customer care service will ask you for the contact and they will send it to the technicians. Our technicians will shortly call you to address. We have a 100% availability of technicians at any time. Whirlpool Service Center in Mumbai We are one of the most trusted service providers in Mumbai. 

Whirlpool air conditioner repair service Centre in Mumbai
Whirlpool air conditioner repair service Centre is the best service Centre and service Centre is at the top of our industry. We are feeling very proud of that service for home appliances. Air conditioner is mostly used in the summer season which produces cool air and we can keep it in the winter season which also produces hot air. When an appliance gets an issue please give a call to our service Centre number. Our technicians will sort your problem. Our technicians are all qualified and experienced professionals. Our technicians behave towards customers respectfully and very friendly and they will repair all types’ brands with high quality.
Air conditioner problems are like
Cool air is not coming
Fan problem
Clogged drains
Refrigerant leaks
Water leaking from inside or outside of the home
Noise is coming from the conditioner
Air conditioners smell bad
Circuit breaker
Electrical failure
Frozen evaporator coil and many other problems like this
Please contact our service Centre number immediately and we will respond to your call.

Types of air conditioner
Window air conditioner
Split air conditioner
Cassette air conditioner
Duct air conditioner
Window air conditioner
It is a very simple type of ACS; it contains only a single unit with all of the components contained inside the box, usually these types of conditioners are kept in the window.
Split air conditioner
Split air conditioner which splits the components of traditional air and whereas it contains two basic units one is a compressor and another one is ac whereas the compressor is the outside component which we locate outside of the home and the air conditioner is the inside component which we locate inside the room and it makes less noise while it’s running. If you get any problem from this please make contact we will clear your problem
Cassette air conditioner
Cassette ACS is also known as central air conditioners. It is placed in the middle of the home and also in the ceiling. It looks like a box and it contains four cooling sides. The outdoor central air conditioner is located on the outside.
Duct air conditioner
Central air conditioning air is sent through the duct air from one central component to heat and cool the room; these provide cool air quickly. It is one of the best air conditioners. It has a good capacity of cooling in these types of problems suddenly you get an issue our technicians will solve your problem
Does your service Centre give the best products?
Yes, our service Centre gives the best products with high quality
Is your service Centre repairing all types of brands?
Yes, we repair all types of brands
Why choose us
We provide you with very genuine products and good service. We also provide to customers one-month warranty, one-month general servicing and three months warranty on spare products and also we provide visiting charges of 350 rupees. We only serve the out of warranty products so firstly you make sure that your appliance is in warranty or not. Our technicians will be available in all areas so contact your number and we will respond immediately.

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