Whirlpool is one of the most trusted brands in India.  The whirlpool is providing the best qualitative home appliances to the customers. They are providing home appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, air conditioners, and TV.  These home appliances become part of our daily life. These products have different types and features. These products are available at different price variables. The variety of products have a separate job like


We use refrigerators for storing food items to keep fresh for a long time. The refrigerators are the best product in every home it will protect the food items and provides freshness to the food items inside. whirlpool service center about us Mumbai.  The refrigerators are available inexpensive range, low expenses, and mid-range prices. The refrigerators are mainly three types they are

Single door refrigerator:

The single door refrigerators are the cheapest model in all refrigerators. The single door refrigerator contains only one door to the refrigerator. In the same door, they provided the freezer. This single door refrigerator doesn’t have many features like other refrigerators.  It doesn’t contain any automatic features.

Double door refrigerator:

The double door refrigerators have good value at the market. Many people are using double-door refrigerators only. It provides many advanced features to the users.  This refrigerator separates the freezer and refrigerators. These double door refrigerators consume very less electricity. It is more expensive compared to single door refrigerator.

Side by side door refrigerator:

These side by side door refrigerators are the most advanced refrigerators. It is very big in size which is not suitable for small houses. It has many automatic features it is a very expensive product comparing to all other refrigerators. It has a converter option for the freezer. The user can convert the freezer into the normal refrigerator. When there is no storage left in the refrigerator.

The washing machines:

The washing machines are one of the best products which are used for washing clothes. The washing machine provides the best washing experience to the people.  The washing machine usages are increasing day by day. The washing machines have the best ways of cleaning clothes. whirlpool service center about us Mumbai However, the washing machines provide the best satisfaction than washing the clothes with hands.  The washing machines are mainly coming into three types they are.

Top load washing machines:

The top load washing machines are can be known as entry-level of the washing machines. These top load washing machines can wash a few levels of weight only. Because the motor of the top load washing machine is containing less capacity. It doesn’t have any pause and start option if forget to wash any clothes he should wait for another round. These washing machines are low in cost. It has a separate option with a separate drum which is a washer and draining.

Front-load washing machine:

Front-load washing machines are the best product comparing to other washing machines. Because these are budgeted washing machines with many advanced features. The front-load washing machines are providing the best washing experience to the users. These front load washing machines spin the drum 33% faster than top load washing machines.

Semi-automatic washing machines:

These semi-automatic washing machines are an expensive product comparing with front load washing machines. These washing machines contain many automatic functions. But it also requires human interventions. It takes very less water to wash clothes and less electricity also. These semi-automatic washing machines are very easy to use.

Fully automatic washing machines:

The fully automatic washing machines do everything automatically. It is the most advanced washing machine with complete automatic features. It provides the best washing to the clothes comparing to all other washing machines. These washing machines also consumes very little capacity. These fully automatic washing machines are equipped with direct drive technology which the motor directly equipped to the drum without any help of belts.

Microwave oven:

The microwave mostly uses for reheating or defrosting food items. These microwave ovens are mainly used in hotels and bakeries to make delicious food items. The microwave ovens are generally three types they

Solo microwave oven:

The solo microwave ovens are the normal microwave oven which is generally used for only reheating the food items. These solo microwave ovens are the starting level of the microwave ovens which is coming at less price. It contains the functions of reheating and defrosting etc.

Grill microwave oven:

The grill microwave ovens are the upgraded version of the microwave oven. It is also a normal microwave oven with defrosting reheating, along with grilling. They have provided the grilling accessories along with the grill microwave ovens which can grill the meat and vegetables.

Conventional microwave oven:

These conventional microwave ovens are the most advanced product in microwave ovens. It has many advanced cooking features and these conventional microwave ovens can cook all kinds of food items. It has all the features of solo and grill microwave oven features. It has an automatic cooking option called the auto menu with this technology we just want to select the weight of the food item and it starts the cooking.

Air conditioners:

The air conditioners are the best home appliance which provides cool air in the room. These air conditioners are expensive products that require good maintenance. The usage of air conditioners is an increase in summer seasons. whirlpool service center about us Mumbai The air conditioners are not only providing the cool air but it also provides the hot air in new generations air conditioners. The air conditioners are mainly three types they are

Split air conditioners:

These split air conditioners are very easy to fix. These air conditioners are mainly used in homes. The split air conditioners are very slim and stylish while providing the best cooling in the room. We can also control these air conditioners with mobiles using smart technology.

Duct air conditioners:                                                           

The duct air conditioners are easy to use. These are coming with a seamless design that occupies less space in the room. Because these duct air conditioners are fixed to the ceilings of the room. These air conditioners are making very little noise. Is low in cost comparing to split air conditioners. The duct air conditioners provide fast cooling inside the room.

Cassette air conditioners:

The cassette air conditioners can be also known as central air conditioners. This fixed to the center of the room to the ceiling this gives four sides cooling. These cassette air conditioners are mainly used in shopping malls.

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TV’s are one of the most important in every home. It provides entertainment to the users. TV’s are the main source of entertainment. Mainly in this lockdown period, TVs are playing a crucial role by providing entertainment to the people and to making them stay at home. The TVs are of two types they are LED and LCD.  The TV’s are coming inexpensive range and budgeted range. They are providing the full HD resolution like 1080p to the budgeted TV’s. And providing the 4k resolution to expensive TVs like smart TV’s. These smart TV’s are the best TV’s which providing the facility like to access YouTube and OTT’s.

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